Glamor Flooring was founded and established in 2006 and is proud to have served customers across the United States over the years. Our high-quality products and exemplary services are designed to meet the different demands for exquisite flooring. Having opened our first flooring store in Katy, Texas in 2008, we take great pride in our expanded operations that feature a third store in Woodland Hills, California.

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We are not your typical flooring store; we are committed to supplying top quality products and offering superior customer service to our customers. Our devotion to customers has enabled us to retain our position at the forefront of the flooring industry. The home remodeling shows that we frequently host in Houston are designed to educate homeowners on the various products and services in the market. Our experts simplify the process of choosing flooring, cabinets and other remodeling features so as to boost the confidence of homeowners about their selection.

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When you come to us, you can expect more than just quality hardwood flooring. We stock the latest styles and types of flooring, offer free in-home estimates, professional flooring installation and excellent remodeling services. Today, we are proud of the reputation we have earned for leadership and excellence.

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Maynor Vega

Maynor Vega, our store manager, is brilliant at executing small and large projects alike within the given timeframes. He is very passionate about his job and understands the expectations of our clients. With his desire to meet these expectations, you can be sure of a great experience when you want to remodel your home.

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Professional Installation

We are a locally owned hardwood flooring store in Houston, Texas that serves the greater Houston area. Apart from the outstanding level of personal service that we guarantee, we provide professional flooring installation services. Our experts are trained and experienced, a factor that enables them to achieve the look and finish you desire for your floor. Although we specialize in Cheap Hardwood Flooring Houston installation, other services include bathroom remodeling, countertops, and carpeting.

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Although the sale of flooring materials, countertops, and other products is the core of our business, we remain equally passionate about remodeling work. We derive satisfaction from the great finishes of rebuilds and proper installation of laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, tile flooring, travertine flooring as well as granite countertops, carpeting and medallions.

If you wish to learn more about our company and the products we offer, kindly make a point of visiting our showroom. When you visit our showroom, we will introduce you to a new world of home remodeling features. We will also offer you a wide selection of excellent flooring products from which you can choose.