Characteristics of Our Different Floorings

There are many factors that come into play when deciding what kind of wood flooring you want to install in your home.  What are your options?  What is the best fit for your family? Read below to find out!


At Glamour Flooring, we offer both solid hardwood as well as engineered wood flooring.  Although both options will be a beautiful addition to your home, based on your family’s needs, it is important to understand the differences between the two options.  


Let’s Start With Solid Hardwood Floors


Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a solid piece of lumber.  Solid hardwood flooring has many benefits.  Some of these include:


-They can be refinished multiple times

-Longevity-solid hardwood floors can last for 100 plus years unlike engineered flooring that usually lasts for 20-30 years.

-Solid hardwood floors have a specific authenticity and charm that goes unrivaled.

-Solid hardwood floors can increase the value of your property. (Click here for 8 other home improvements you can make to increase the value of your home!)



What about Engineered Wood Flooring?


Engineered wood flooring is made with multiple plies of high density wood fiberboard topped with solid wood.  

Based on your needs, engineered wood flooring might be a better option than solid wood floors.  Here are a few pros to having engineered flooring:


-Engineered floors are more suitable than solid wood if you have moisture or humidity issues in your home.  For example, you would want to use engineered wood floors for a basement so you prevent warping.

-Engineered wood floors are less prone to scratching or showing dents.

-Engineered wood floors are very durable and a great option if you have children and/or pets that might scratch the floors.

-Engineered wood floors can also be installed over radiant heated flooring.


Making the Decision


Assess your current family situation.  

Do you have kids?  

Maintaining hardwood floors tends to be more tedious with a couple rambunctious children underfoot!  Engineered floors tend to be more durable from scratches and dents but wood floors are suitable if maintained.  Read here on how to protect your precious floors!



Do you have pets?


Although our precious pooches give us so much joy in our lives, they can certainly be chaotic and in turn cause damage to wood flooring.  Minimize damage by using rugs or floor runners, choosing a harder wood that is harder to scratch, cleaning messes immediately to avoid warping, and applying a protective coating to make it more durable.  

Read more about soft vs hard woods for flooring.



Where do you live?


Often enough, it is less likely than the kids or pets to scratching up your beautiful flooring but rather rocks and pebbles we bring in on our shoes!  Putting down floor runners in high foot traffic areas, welcome mats, or just removing shoes all together inside your home can greatly reduce scratches caused by rubble from outside the home.



In Conclusion


How you decide on solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring depends on your expectations for your home, your current family needs and location.  Either way, Glamour Flooring will hook you up with gorgeous wood floors that will impress and inspire!