Carpet Flooring Installation

We are a carpet flooring store. best carpet for house servicing the Houston area.

We offer at low cost carpet Houston, carpet installation Houston. Stop in anytime and take a personal look at the selection we offer. Our specialists will be able to determine the right carpeting needs for your home or business.

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Why you Should Have Carpet Installed

Carpeting is easy to maintain, durable, and lasts a long time.  We offer carpets that are stain resistant, easy to clean, plush, soft, luxurious, and functional.  It’s easier to clean than hardwood or vinyl flooring and cozier too. Pick your fiber and we’ll remove the previous carpet and install the carpet of your choosing.

Carpet Fiber

We have a vast selection of synthetic and natural carpet fibers, each with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Our carpet installation Houston experts can direct you to the installation that is right for you.


A popular selection, nylon is easy to clean, durable and abrasion resistant. It’s no wonder it is one of our most requested fibers in our carpet flooring store.


Affordable, Olefin fiber is a cost-effective way to get the carpeted look you desire. It is one of our best values.


Easy to clean, polyester requires less fuss and maintenance. This fiber is appreciated for its resistance to staining and fading. It is also known for its richness in color.


Wool carpet fibers are high-quality fabrics that feel lush to the touch and responds very well to cleaning. A natural fiber, our experts will provide you with the information on the best ways to maintain your carpet.


The best carpet for house carpeting is an excellent choice for homes. Aside from its eye-appealing versatility, it is also soft to the touch. Having carpeting in your home can help provide a warm and inviting feeling. It can actually help reduce heating costs by creating insulation. Carpet fibers offer cushion, so it feels great. It’s an especially good choice for homes with children and seniors.

We install carpet for commercial locations as well as residential. The right carpeting in your business can impress customers and clients while adding just the right style.

Services We Offer

We do stair installation. We will come to your location and measure with precision, to ensure a complete installation that is clean, neat and stunning.

Not being limited only to installation, our services also include carpet repair.  Damages can occur to carpet over time and for multiple reasons. Whether you just received your carpet, or you currently have carpet that is standing the test of time, it may be time for a low-cost carpet Houston review. Our specialist will give you the knowledge and advice that you need.

Common carpet damage includes:

  • Burns
  • Holes
  • Bleach Stains
  • Rips/Tears
  • Discoloration

Whatever your needs, our carpet flooring store, best carpet for house, at low cost carpet Houston, carpet installation Houston are here to help. Need more? Stop by our Houston showroom and get assistance in person. Make an appointment and one of our specialist will give you an onsite carpet consultation. Contact us or visit our showroom additional information.