Solid Wood Installation

When looking for quality stair threads installation or repair services to your staircase, our experts will be ready to serve you.

All our services are meant to ensure stability and durability of your stairs. We also ensure that the rates we charge for services will allow you to access our installation and repair services without breaking the bank. When you come to us, we will help in the selection and installation of solid stair threads for customers across Houston.

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Solid Wood Installation Process

1.We install solid stair threads

The stair threads are made when a number of solid hardwood pieces are milled to thickness, straight-lined and then glued firmly together. Our products are aimed at saving you time and money while at the same time ensuring durability. We laminate the threads to avoid warping and twisting. Grain matching offers enhanced stability while the modern adhesives we use, help us to realize strong joints. Our promise is to manufacture solid stair threads that match your specifications.


2.Different wood species

We understand that the different customers who request our services have varied tastes and preferences. To meet these needs, we have a broad range of wood species for the threads. The wood species we use include Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Pecan among many others. Our service people will see to it that the stair threads and your floor are matched during solid wood floor installation.


3.Cut to size stair threads

Regardless of the wood species or color you choose, our products will be cut to measure. The threads will be made following the measurements and specifications you provide. The cut to size threads will not only fit the type of staircase you have but will also match the unique design of your home. The color will also match that of your walls and home decor.


4.Solid hardwood flooring

We can help you achieve a lot with our solid hardwood flooring installation. We will help you to express your sense of style and character using this type of flooring. Another advantage you are likely to enjoy when you request for installation of solid hardwood flooring and hardwood floor steps is the added warmth and value to your rooms. You will have the option of choosing from different widths, finishes, and styles.


5.Engineered wood flooring

Our engineered wood flooring features a core layer made from oak and walnut. The top layer is made of hardwood veneer. The multiple layers of wood are designed to offer you increased stability. Whenever you are looking for durable and sturdy flooring, you can hire our services for installation of engineered wood flooring.


6.Hardwood flooring stair case restoration

When you staircase needs to be repaired, our hardwood staircase installation services will be provided by qualified and experienced experts to assure you of quality, strength, and durability. We stand by the quality of our services and guarantee durability after the hardwood stair case installation.


Our repair services

Whether your stairway features closed thread stairs, cut string stairs, open thread stairs or curved stairs, we will have the right threads to make it look beautiful. We also offer repair services to correct the wear and tear from foot traffic. We will not only reinstate the threads to their original look but will scrub the risers as well as the handrail. After cleaning away all the dirt and stains, we will apply varnish to give the stairway a polished look.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in matters relating to staircases. We will give you tips on how to maintain your stairway so that you minimize the effects of wear and tear. The tips will also help to maintain a smooth finish on your stairs.